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Save precious cash and time

This course will give you the secrets to rapid, cost-effective digital marketing mastery, complete with lesser-known free services.


Set up your brand, profiles, and website in 1 week.


Enable tracking day 1 and understand your audience.


Watch your (small) investments pay dividends.


Become an authoritative presence in your niche.

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Learn how to establish a strong web presence for your brand by adopting a scrappy mindset, understanding your target audience, and creating demand through offering value.

Digital Marketing

Practical tips to getting louder and putting yourself out there.

Profile Optimization

Build consistent, complete profiles across your online accounts.

Website Basics

Learn webpage editing even if you've never touched code before.

Cost Savings

Almost all tools and services you'll learn about are free.

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Take this course and avoid 99% of the monthly fees you'd pay otherwise.

Service Most Courses CheapMarketing.io
Website hosting $16-$27 /mo $0
Analytics & measurement $39 /mo $0
SEO tools $99 /mo $0
Paid advertising $300 /mo N/A
Social media management $6-$12 /mo $0
Community platform $7.25 /mo $0
Email marketing $13 /mo $0
Blogging $5 /mo $0
Domain name $2 /mo $1.25 /mo
Total suggested marketing budget: $489+ /mo $1.25 /mo

Course Curriculum Preview

Each course video averages 15 minutes in length.

Marketing Philosophy & Core Principles

Experiences & Challenges

Getting Started

Presence Optimization

Building Your Website (Part 1)

Buying a Domain Name

Building Your Website (Part 2)

Website Tracking and Measurement

Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing

Creating an Email List

Starting a Discord Community

Building Influence Through Social Media

A/B Testing

Free Alternative Tools

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Customer Testimonials

Hear from clients and colleagues how the principles and practices from this course improved their marketing efforts.

  • David has helped me grow my audience far beyond my expectations. David's communication skills and enthusiasm for digital marketing has taught me a lot about the online landscape and how to enjoy working in this space. David is unparalleled with his online marketing knowledge and is passionate about helping others.

    Celaine's ASMR

    Content Creator
  • The passion and knowledge David brought to the company gave us tremendous value. David created many of the marketing strategies that set the foundation of what we still implement today. His insight and perspective left a long-lasting impression on us.

    Tyler Mason

    Social Media Specialist
  • David has a unique skill set and the ability to clearly translate his expertise to others. I appreciated his constant curiosity, never afraid to learn, test and experiment to find hidden gold in marketing. He was always willing to help his teammates learn and improve their own digital acumen.

    Ron Rice

    VP of Marketing
  • David is an excellent leader and he is highly regarded by his peers. On multiple occasions I have observed others consulting him regarding technical questions related to raising their social media presence or creating a stronger multimedia presentation. David consistently volunteers information that helps others.

    Kara Heinrichs

    Sr. Program Manager
  • David's a wiz at digital marketing, from inbound (SEO, key word and meta strategy, etc.) and outbound (e-blast, social, etc.) as well as analytics and tracking. Everything that you need to get louder!

    Rusty George

    Marketing Agency Principal

Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot you can do with free tools and services, but most marketing courses assume you'll spend more than you need to. I wanted to share what I've found that's free.

Content creators who want their work seen but aren't familiar with marketing, or scrappy SMBs who don't have the budget for a marketing agency or internal marketing hires.

You will build your collection of brand assets, create your own search engine-optimized website, access audience data from your website, create your own Discord server, and build your first email list. In addition, you will learn how to build influence on social media, create valuable content, utilize A/B testing to get more clicks, and gain access to a myriad of free tools and resources.

Throughout my 10+ year career in marketing, I have found the most cost-effective ways to get views, clicks, leads, and sales that's led to a combined total of $400,000 of generated revenue. Even for smaller projects and clients that have no marketing budget, I've achieved millions of video views, tens of thousands of website views, and hundreds of thousands of digital store downloads, all with $0 spent on promotion.

Assuming you follow along, this course can be completed in 1 week. Each of the 16 videos averages about 15 minutes in length.

If a recommended service is free, sometimes it has limited functionality, or requires a bit more initial involvement to get working (which we cover). If you're a scrappy, hands-on learner, you're perfect for this course.

Got another question? Reach out to me directly!

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